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Art has always been a part of my life: painting, photography, and graphic design were ways of expressing my vision and my voice. As a professional, I have a strong visual impact through color, design and space.

After painting Realism in Oil for almost 30 years, my experience living in New York and California - aligned with my Brazilian background - made me switch to Abstract Acrylic. Then, a new phase of Art began for me.

Knowing the techniques without having full control of the results was my hook. Air, heat, water are now part of the process impacting the final result when the texture, strokes and colors are transformed.

I hope you enjoy seeing my work as much as I enjoyed creating it.

-- Simone Sarmet


Creation Workshop, Sérgio Fingermann – São Paulo Brazil 

Mixed Media, Stella Zhang – Palo Alto, CA
Acrylic, Terry Eden – Palo Alto, CA
Expressionism, MAM Yard School of Art – Montclair, NJ
Oil painting, The Art Students League of New York, NYC
Oil painting, Nilse Art Studio – Brasilia, Brazil

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