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Bering Land Bridge


This Envisat image features the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve located on the Seward Peninsula in Northwestern Alaska. The preserve protects the remains of a land bridge that once connected the continents of Asia and North America, which are now separated by the Bering Strait.

Archaeologists and academics have long theorised about when humans first arrived in North and South America, as well as their origin. One prevailing theory holds that hunters followed game – including mammoth and mastodon – from Siberia to North America across a land bridge that surfaced around 12 000 years ago during the last Ice Age when sea levels were some 90 metres lower due to a build-up of glacial ice.

The majority of the land bridge, also known as Beringia, now lies beneath the Chukchi (part of the Arctic Ocean to the north) and Bering (part of the Pacific Ocean to the south) Seas. The Bering Strait connects the two seas.

Photo taken in

November 17, 2006


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