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San Francisco Bay Area, California


San Francisco Bay Area is now one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. Strong economic growth created thousands of new jobs, but severe restrictions on new housing construction created an extreme housing shortage in the region.

Because of that, in 2017 the average income needed to buy a home in the region was more than double the national average. Today, with a high cost of living, many residents of the region devote more than half of their income to housing.

"Aero 20" was first shown in 2020 at the “Open” exhibition of San Francisco De Young Museum of Art  – one of the top ten most visited museums in the US and the most visited in San Francisco – covering nearly 28,000m2 with more than 25,000 works of art from 19th and 20th century collections on display.


There were 11,514 works submitted to a panel of judges that included curators from major San Francisco Art Museums and prominent artists. Less than eight percent of the works were selected for the exhibition that celebrated the institution's 125th anniversary.


"Aero 20" was one of them and was on display at the museum between October 2020 and February 2021.

Image taken in 2007 


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